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The Celebrated Workingman

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Milwaukee indie/prog rock "supergroup" comprised of members of numerous other Milwaukee acts. From the band's MySpace page: The CELEBRATED WORKINGMAN BEGINS - a three act- Characters( see members list above) ACT ONE (scene- three dudes getting drunker at Yield( a local"rock" tavern decorated in posters of popular "rock "music). enters MARK looking more sad and dejected than normal. MARK- " Eric at Cactus asked my band to do a show, but he didn't know they all quit. He didn't want just me. I'm like suuuper bummed." JUSTIN- " Dude thats ok man, I'm a drummer, he's a bass player( points to GAVIN) and he plays guitar (points to NATE). NATE- (slow and surley ) "yeah." ( finishes pabst , slams down on table) GAVIN -( calm and collected) " Yep." (pulls a drag of his dunhill( he no longer smokes-ed. note), checks blackberry) MARK (toGavin) - "You guys for-really wanna do this -we're not just drunk - i'm gonna call you tommorrow. Really?( to NATE) NATE- " dude, I'm a fuckin' waiter, what do you think?" ACT TWO (Scene- local "indie" record store- yes like the one in high fidelity you jack- A$) CHARLIE- to MARK "wish I could see your band play,but you only play 21 + clubs!" MARK - " dude why don't you just join the band" Charlie- ( with slight hesitation, a little incredilous - looks down) " Ok." ( looks up, now with excitement and marvelous rapture) " OKAY!" MARK- "So, what should we get for lunch?" ACT THREE (scene- A Scapulars band rehearsal, vitaminwater Triple XXX and gatorade bottles strewn across the floor Enters Chris) CHRIS-( To Mark) Dude can I play lap steel in the celebrated workingman.I can't believe we've been friends for over 10 years and never played in a band together. MARK- Thats cause I was never good enough to play with you Chris. That would be awesome. JUSTIN- This Shit is AWESOME( refering to his triple XXX .Smashes bottle on forehead). MARK- May I play in black face or where a bunny costume at our next show? CHRIS/NATE/JUSTIN- no. the end Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Love Is Getting Your Way

Herald The Dickens
Last Played on December 31, 2015 9:58am


Herald The Dickens


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