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Common Market is an indie Hiphop group based in Seattle, Washington. Common Market is composed of emcee RA Scion, and producer Sabzi. Sabzi is also one half of the Blue Scholars. RA Scion was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Finding the Baha'i Faith a match for his independent beliefs - he converted from his entire family's Baptist roots, at the age of 15, and became a Baha'i. He and his family returned to his wife's hometown of Seattle, WA. Putting their collective skills and efforts together, the couple created SCIONtific Records and released RA Scion's first solo album in 2003, with Producer Solar Marquardt. With little money and simple production - "Apostrophe - The EP" got little to no recognition. Then in 2004, RA Scion released the full length LP "Live & Learn". This album still had the Executive Production of Solar, but welcomed guest Producer Sabzi of Blue Scholars for two tracks - there were several guest MCs. Realizing their chemistry in Hiphop, RA Scion and Sabzi collaborated on a new project - a group called COMMON MARKET. Together with SCIONtific Records they released their self-titled album that has already been more successful then the first two projects. Hiphop icon KRS-One even heard the album and Praised them with an endorsement for the cover. KRS then came and blessed their CD Release party in Seattle with a headlining performance. 2008 saw the release of an EP entitled "Black Patch War" and their second full length album "Tobacco Road." User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.