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There's more than one artist with this name: 1) group made up of emcee Adeem, DJ DQ, and producer Maker. They released their debut album in 2003 and have since released one more album as well as an EP. Adeem (pronounced A D M) hails from New Hampshire and handles the vocals for Glue. DJ DQ from Cincinnati runs the turntables and Maker is the mastermind producer behind the beats. They currently are on Fat Beats Records. Glue has released: Catch as Catch Can Release Date: 09.19.06 A Lot To Say B/W Glupies 12" Release Date: 08.22.06 Sunset Lodge Release Date: 10.10.05 Seconds Away Release Date: 04.05.04 2) Early 90's Oklahoma based band called Glue. Imagine the Jam growing up in Oklahoma... not a pretty picture, but hey, this is Glue - catchy songs that would have made the Police jealous. They released just one album "Machine Keep Me Warm" on Scott Booker's(Manager of the Flaming Lips) label Fantastik. If you're lucky you can dig up a dozen or so unreleased tracks. Members: Robbie Egle(Bass and Vocals), Ted Leader(Guitar and Vocals) & Andrew Burgess(Drums and Vocals). 3) Korean band Glue, who was featured on the soundtrack to the Korean drama, A Love To Kill. 4) Punk-Powerpop band Glue from Los Angeles with excentric singer SeanDeLear. 5)Hardcore band from Syracuse,NY/Mass. Members from Attitude and Think I Care.

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