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King Washington

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Saturated in complex harmonies and intelligent chord progressions alike, the music of King Washington is a throwback to when rock n’ roll was a songwriter’s game. The Los Angeles-based band, heavily endowed with musicality, is promptly seizing opportunities and capturing the attention of music lovers all over the world. The band, comprised of rhythm guitarist and vocalist Tyson Kelly, lead guitarist and vocalist George Krikes, bassist and vocalist Dylan Cronin and drummer Kyle Turek, are all seasoned musicians and vocalists. “We like to sing,” says Tyson. “Seldom do you come across a rock n’ roll act willing to make themselves as vulnerable as the three-part harmony.” KW prides themselves not only in their ability to rock the shingles off the roof, but to make it beautiful in the process. A renaissance of musical flavors, KW’s influences range from classic acts like the Talking Heads, Brian Wilson, John Lennon, The Beach Boys, David Bowie and Cat Stevens to contemporary talents Radiohead, REM, and The Negro Problem King Washington was started in 2005 by singer and songwriter Tyson Kelly during a simple ruminative conversation with a friend. Simply stated, they wondered what would have happened had George Washington accepted his bid to be “King of America.” At the time the name was simply the result of a random contemplative discussion, but three years later it also carries the irony and symbolism of the band’s British influences. Tyson, 22, is both a songwriter and filmmaker at heart. Graduate of the New York Film Academy in 2007, he has his name attached to dozens of films in both the director and writer roles. Tyson is also the son of pop songwriting legend Tom Kelly, co-writer of hit songs such as Madonna’s, “Like A Virgin”, Cindy Lauper’s, “True Colors”, and The Pretenders’, “I’ll Stand By You,” among others. His remarkably original and refreshing chord progressions are one of the many attributes that set King Washington apart. Dylan Cronin, 27, bassist and vocals, is a native of New Mexico and is currently on his third life. As an Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003, Dylan contracted both Malaria and Iraqi pneumonia. The diseases stayed dormant in his system until his return to the states, where they simultaneously attacked his body, sending him into a coma. After being declared dead twice, he spent months recovering in the hospital and, upon his re-awaking, has dedicated himself to music and the goal of playing as many instruments as humanly possible. His instrument count is at 12 and rising. “It’s like someone treated my memories as a deck of cards and threw them on the floor,” says Dylan. “I’ve been picking them up one by one ever since.” USC Studio Jazz Guitar graduate George Krikes, 23, mans the lead guitar position with more than just a degree from a prestigious music school. Born with an exceptionally musical ear, George treats the guitar as if an extension of his body. His training is mainly in jazz, however, growing up he was a student of both folk and rock n’ roll, with a secret obsession for 90’s Top 40. George is also a seasoned session guitarist having written and recorded music for brands including Lexus, Buick, American Eagle, McDonalds, Carnival Cruises, Honda, and Walmart. George’s skills have taken KW to the next level as a whole. The marriage of his training, fandom, and natural talent has produced a guitarist of unwavering dependability and precision. Kyle Turek, 22, heads the percussion section for KW. The talented Kyle is quite the multi-instrumentalist and is known to frequently dip into piano, bass and guitar for the band as well. A graduate of the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and a seasoned session drummer, Kyle’s breadth of Latin, funk, jazz, hip-hop and fusion influences bring infinite possibilities to KW’s arrangements. Kyle also has the fantastic habit of sitting perfectly in the pocket… at all times. King Washington will begin your reclamation of faith in today’s music. They will make you believe in the integrity and virtue of the pop musician again. They will slap your face, tickle your nose, and leave you with a peppermint mocha and a fleece blanket in front of the fireplace by nights end. They are different and they are strangely familiar. Ill tell you later. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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Animal (Live at 88Nine)

Studio Milwaukee Volume: 4
Last Played on April 02, 2015 4:22pm


The Gears
Last Played on July 23, 2014 10:51am


The Gears