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88Nine Radio Milwaukee

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Playlist for 2015-01-31

January 31, 2015
07:21 AM
07:18 AM
Mermaid Weather
07:14 AM
What I Might Do - single
07:10 AM
What a Terrible World, What a Wonderful World
07:03 AM
Starting to Think (They Might be on to Something)- Single
06:55 AM
More Adventurous
06:49 AM
Back to Black
06:45 AM
This Is All Yours
06:41 AM
Jump Hi- Single
06:38 AM
...And Star Power
06:22 AM
Gossip In The Grain
06:14 AM
From the Spark- EP
06:11 AM
Is This It
06:07 AM
Natalie Prass
05:59 AM
Strangers To Ourselves
05:52 AM
These Words- Single
05:48 AM
So Tonight That I Might See
05:44 AM
Lost On The River
05:36 AM
05:33 AM
Bahamas is Alfie
05:31 AM
Community Story Winter 2015
05:28 AM
Freak City Soundtrack
05:23 AM
Generation Blue- EP
05:15 AM
Oracular Spectacular
05:08 AM
The Sky It Moves
05:05 AM
Kids Soundtrack
04:58 AM
Wincing The Night Away
04:54 AM
Long Way Down- EP
04:51 AM
Mean Love
04:48 AM
Kill The Moonlight
04:44 AM
Uptown Funk!
04:34 AM
In Your Prime
04:30 AM
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
04:27 AM
04:13 AM
Our Own House
04:09 AM
Art Official Age
04:06 AM
Welcome to the Monkey House
04:02 AM
Only One (feat. Paul McCartney)-Single
03:58 AM
Morning Phase
03:45 AM
Fade Out Lines- Single
03:37 AM
Avant Gardener-Single
03:33 AM
Community Stories Winter 2015
03:29 AM
Strange And Beautiful
03:25 AM
My Type - EP
03:21 AM
03:17 AM
03:13 AM
The Horse Commanche
03:06 AM
03:02 AM
Be Impressive
02:58 AM
Bryter Layter
02:53 AM
You've Come A Long Way, Baby
02:47 AM
The Mysterious Production Of Eggs
02:44 AM
They Want My Soul
02:40 AM
Alarms in the Heart
02:33 AM
Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance
02:24 AM
Things I Forgot EP
02:20 AM
Good Old Days- Single
02:17 AM
Wild Thing
02:14 AM
St. Vincent (Deluxe)
02:10 AM
Burnt Offering
02:07 AM
Broken Boy Soldiers
02:03 AM
What a Terrible World, What a Wonderful World
01:55 AM
Say That to Say This
01:34 AM
...And Star Power
01:32 AM
Community Stories Winter 2015
01:28 AM
The Hurry and The Harm
01:25 AM
Run River North
01:22 AM
The Way I See It
01:14 AM
Wonderful Things- EP
01:10 AM
The Whole Night Through
01:06 AM
Reggatta De Blanc
01:03 AM
From the Spark- EP
12:59 AM
Sigh No More
12:55 AM
12:47 AM
Bassically- Single
12:43 AM
12:39 AM
Bahamas is Alfie
12:36 AM
RUN- Single
12:32 AM
Cigarettes and Caffeine Nightmares
12:25 AM
Mellow Gold
12:15 AM
Pedestrian Verse
12:12 AM
Voice Memos
12:08 AM
Remnants- EP
12:04 AM
Long Way Down- EP