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88Nine Presents Milwaukee Remixed | Remix Your Neighborhood

We want you to REMIX MILWAUKEE

Milwaukee Remixed is a collaborative project with the Urban Remix mobile app. This app enables all iPhone and Android users to explore, record and remix the soundscapes of Milwaukee.

The Urban Remix platform consists of a mobile phone system and web interface for recording, browsing, and mixing audio. It allows users to document and explore the obvious, neglected, private or public, even secret sounds of the urban environment.

This is your sound journey. You become an active creator of shared soundscapes as you search the city for interesting sounds. Your collected sounds and noises will provide the original tracks for musical remixes that reflect the specific nature and acoustic identity of Milwaukee.

Over a dozen Milwaukee DJs, Musicians and Producers will remix your sounds to create a unique soundtrack, completly constructed from the sounds you record. This journey of sound is uniquely Milwaukee – Milwaukee musicians creating Milwaukee music collected by Milwaukee residents, one sound at a time.





1. Create your account on Milwaukee Remixed web page.
2. Download the Urban Remix app to your iPhone or Android phone via the app store
3. Begin to record sounds and upload them to your profile.
4. You can use the app to take a picture to show us where you got the sound, at the time you record it.

Click here is you need assistance setting up the app on your Android.

Click here for assistance setting up the app on your iPhone.

We are looking for sounds that are naturally (or unnaturally) found in your everyday environment. We want you to capture any sounds that you may hear in your day. Automobiles, birds, wind through the trees, a jackhammer, whatever.

We however do not want you to record…
- Music or Television (anything with a copyright)
- Dialog or narrative (this is not a story)
- Offensive or crude sounds (don’t take this app to the restroom with you)

Once you’ve begun to upload your sounds to the Urban Remix website, via the mobile app or digital upload; we will work with a variety of Milwaukee musicians and producers. They will take your sounds, download them, and turn them into music! (Pretty cool huh?)


Yes. The app and Urban Remix page allows you to cut and splice your sounds into new audio files. However, you are feeling ambitious, anyone can go to the Milwaukee Remix page, download the WAV files, and remix these sounds however they like.

The Milwaukee Remixed is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Milwaukee Remixed is powered by Urban Remix, a collaborative, locative sound project created at Georgia Tech by professors Jason Freeman, Carl DiSalvo, and Michael Nitsche and a team of their students.

Milwaukee Remixed is made possible, through the support of Spirit Of Milwaukee.

Here is an example of a song that 88Nine's Jordan recreated from some of the sounds of Milwaukee.

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