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Robert Glasper Experiement | Black Radio 2

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I’m a hip hop guy through and through—always have been and always will be. Second place to only that genre is jazz. I remember when I was in high school and thought I wanted to make music, I always wanted to put rap lyrics over a smooth jazz beat. I discovered Robert Glasper Experiment a few weeks ago while I was at the 88Nine headquarters. This is my review on Black Radio 2.

I really appreciate the collaborations on the album. There are a lot of singers and a couple rappers. Some of them are or were at some point regarded among the top tier of his/her peers. The album features other artists that aren’t as popular, too, and I see that as a good balance to have.

Robert Glasper is a jazz pianist and his nimble fingers hold everything together in this album. His music style reminds me of another one of my favorites, the late great, Ronny Jordan. The collaborating artists are always smooth in their styles, but there is a certain feeling that with each punch of a piano key, Glasper is able to control or manipulate their sounds a little bit—it actually has a spoken word poetry type of feel to it. It just seems like there is a high level of chemistry between him and the singers/rappers. To name a few of each, we have the likes of Faith Evans, Marsha Ambrosius and Macy Gray singing and Common, Snoop Dogg (he’ll always be Dogg to me, never Lion) and Lupe Fiasco rapping.

All in all, the word I’d use to describe this album is soul, and if Robert Glasper agrees, we can go ahead and say that black music has a lot of it.