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Help us pick the 5 O'Clock shadow all October, ahem...Rocktober long.

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I walked into a conversation a few weeks ago with Mark and Jordan. They were joking about Rocktober. Rocktober, as some of you are aware, is the silly name given to the 10th month by Rock N’ Roll radio stations and generally involves silly promotions, stunts, and countdowns. I’m a sucker for a good radio staple, even if this one has become parody. Full disclosure, I’m a pro at Rocktober mockery: My promo for Alternative Rock outlet KFMA in 2005.


So like all great radio promotions, it’s just simple wordplay.

We thought it’d be kind of fun to do the Shadow this month with classic rock songs...to “celebrate” Rocktober. We also thought it’d be fun to hear your thoughts on what you’d like covered. With that in mind, we’re asking for your five favorite “rock” or “classic rock” songs of all time. Beatles, Stones, Zep, Bowie, Hendrix, Clapton, Young, Queen, Doors, Dylan,...and on and on... We’ll tally some votes, kick around a computer, and countdown the top 20 songs chosen by YOU on the 5 O’Clock shadow.

Even better, we’ll hear some very cool covers from a lot of artists...and I’m guessing a bunch won’t be traditional rock n’roll ones. Oh, if you have a suggestion? Include those too!

I wouldn’t try to define something as subjective as classic rock, but if you’re looking for a few opinions on lists, these aren’t the worst.




We’ll start on Monday, October 8. Send your suggestion to Shadow@radiomilwaukee.org or just fill out this form.