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Fela Kuti covered...

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Fela Kuti is the MAN when it comes to the afrobeat he most famously catalysed into a whole new style and Friday's Sound Travels was a testament to the influence and inspiration he has and continues to exert on the sound he defined. At 10am, I played a cut from Brooklyn's The Daktaris, whose entire output sits in the shadows of Fela's genius...

At 11am, hit you with a brass band version of Fela's classic "Water Get No Enemy" by the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble from their 2011 Heritage EP that featured several other excellent and interesting versions. Strangely, the EP is no longer available despite interest in the band and their sustained successes.

A couple of Latin versions of Fela Tunes wrapped up Sound Travels for the day including the new, smokin' hot Ondatropica cover of "Chop'n'Quench."