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Hot Tropic: A Cuban classic and African Salsa...El Beny and Africando

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Sound Travels finished the midday with a pair of very Latin tunes, one from the late, great Cuban maestro Beny Moré and the other from an Afro-salsa band called Africando. Beny Moré has been called the greatest Cuban singer of all time and this high-order praise is hard to argue against after you listen to the tune I played at noon...

The second of the pair was a group called Africando, who were a group composed of NY-based salseros and fronted by Senegalese musicians and in particular Pape Seck (who would be replaced by Gnonnas Pedro after his death inn 1995 (the same year the song I played was released)). "Yay Boy" is perhaps their dopest cut, but that's just me saying it...