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Nomadic Massive on Sound Travels...and headlining at Global Union!

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Yesterday I posted about a Montreal based collective called Nomadic Massive and played a tune from their last full-length, their self-titled album from 2010, and today we ended our journey through the world with another cut from a band I'm becoming even more hyped to see. This time around it was something I'd been saving for this week and for this day in particular. That's because I had some of their newest, and to judge, their best material to date. The only shameful part of their brand new Any Sound EP is that it'll leave you wanting more of what it delivers.

What Nomadic Massive serves up on the Any Sound EP is sublime, multi-lingual Francophonic hip hop that's hype as hell. I mean, if they're anywhere close live, this year's Global Union might have the strongest closing act its ever had. That's right. Nomadic Massive is coming to Global Union this Saturday and I'm as excited as I'm willing to let myself get because I might just explode if I let myself really feel it too much. Take a peek at this lil EP of niceness...