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Hunger Task Force and Kohl's - Serving Up Suppers for Kids

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With public schools out of session for the summer, many kids are left wondering where they'll get their next meal.  It can be incredibly stressful for low-income families to provide three healthy meals each day, especially under the pressure of working one or more jobs.

"Right now, half of the kids in Milwaukee are living at or below the poverty line," said Scott Marshall, Director of Development for Milwaukee's Hunger Task Force.

To close that summer hunger gap, The Hunger Task Force of and Kohl's are stepping in with a program called "Kohl's Serving Up Suppers for Kids."
Funded by a $500,000 grant from Kohl's, Hunger Task Force was able to serve more than 150,000 free and healthy meals to Milwaukee's children this summer.  The service was open to all children, regardless of whether or not they attend public schools, at 77 sites around the city.
"Fresh fruits and vegetables are not a given when they're used to eating canned and boxed food.  But they're the most healthy and nutritious, and it's important we're providing healthy and nutritious meals to those who are in need," Marshall said.
Kohl's Serving Up Suppers for Kids just wrapped up its second year, and Kohl's has provided funding for one more year to keep the project in the community.  In 2013 the two organizations will evaluate the success of the program and develop a plan to move forward, Marshall said.
The Hunger Task Force is always looking for donations and volunteers.  To find out how to donate or get involved, call (414) 777-0483.