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National & North: Finding himself, beyond gender

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Intersection: National Ave. & 76th

Age: 29

Occupation: Social Worker

BENLaura Kezman



88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Episode 5: Ben

In 1997, Social Psychology Researcher Arthur Aron conducted a study on human connection.

Almost 20 years later it became popularized as The 36 Questions That Lead To Love.

So here in Milwaukee, we chose 8 strangers from two of our longest streets to answer these questions — on camera.

It’s time to meet your neighbor, and maybe even love them too.

88Nine Presents: National & North

Produced by: Laura Kezman and Nate Imig

All music in the series by: Q The Sun

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Having love and affection for myself, that's been part of my journey.

Ben is a social worker, passionate about social justice and dedicated to helping people overcome personal barriers.

Originally born Danielle, Ben ended a long-term relationship to begin transitioning in 2015.

Now, get to know Ben even deeper by listening to the audio stories below.  He says while coming out was certainly not a mistake, he does have one regret.

What roles do love and affection play in your life?

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National & North is brought to you by Educators Credit Union.