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National & North: New York native living the American Dream

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Intersection: National Ave. & 147th

Age: 57

Occupation: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

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88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Episode 7: Steve

In 1997, Social Psychology Researcher Arthur Aron conducted a study on human connection.

Almost 20 years later it became popularized as The 36 Questions That Lead To Love.

So here in Milwaukee, we chose 8 strangers from two of our longest streets to answer these questions — on camera.

It’s time to meet your neighbor, and maybe even love them too.

88Nine Presents: National & North

Produced by: Laura Kezman and Nate Imig

All music in the series by: Q The Sun

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I just don't think there's enough love and caring in the world.

There just isn't.

A Jewish Long Island native, Steve grew up in a post-WWII world adjusting to life in America after The Holocaust.

The baby boomer studied podiatry across the United States, eventually settling with his family in New Berlin and starting his own practice right off National Avenue.

Now, get to know Steve even deeper by listening to the audio stories below.  What is his most embarrassing moment?

If you could change anything about your upbringing, what would it be?  Steve says, for him, it would be a broader viewpoint on religion.

For even more from our series, check out the mircosite below.


National & North is brought to you by Educators Credit Union.