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European Homemade Sausage Shop/Make Milwaukee 2012 Week 9

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When you walk into Frank Jakubczak’s shop, the smell of hickory-smoked sausage fills the air. I was delighted to discover how this classic shop makes Milwaukee stand out and is the place to go for sausage that is prepared ‘the Old World Way’.

Frank and his family have been managing the shop for the last 38 years. The building itself was built in 1905 and it definitely has a classic character to it. My favorite part about this shop is that there are no frills or over-the-top ways of making sausage; instead, everything is made the Old World Way. Everything from the spices, to the real hickory smoke, to preparing the dry cured meats, is made like it was back in the day.

It’s also important to note that Frank’s customers are extremely loyal and love nothing more than coming into the shop for some great smoked sausage, a friendly smile and conversation. Listen to the podcast below to find out a little about Frank, his shop and why he couldn’t ever seem to retire.

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