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Meet your Neighbors: Milwaukee couple making history

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They met seven years ago in California. He was studying psychology and Chinese at UCLA and he was working as a store manager for a big-name pharmacy chain.  Soon, they were a couple. "I kept telling him how wonderful Milwaukee was," says Matt Schreck. After a few trips back to Milwaukee, Fernando Gutierrez fell in love with the city too, and they bought a house in Bay View. Fernando tells me proudly, they love their neighborhood and are active members of the community.


So when the U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb declared Wisconsin's ban on gay-marriage unconstitutional, they rushed to the courthouse for their chance to get married. They were the first in line and first to get married that day. What followed since, has been quite a whirlwind for the couple. From a front page in the Journal-Sentinel to appearances on the nightly news to their neighborhood Alderman Tony Zielinski declaring a day dedicated to them, Matt and Fernando say they are humbled by all the attention.


Check out the story above to hear more from Matt & Fernando.  For the latest updates on the same-sex marriage ban, follow the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin

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