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How one woman is bringing more chickens to Milwaukee

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Meet chicken consultant Karen Krumenacher of Royal Roost

Dogs, cats, hamsters… chickens?

Granted, when you think of animals living at your home, chickens might not be the first thing that come to mind, but for Pewaukee woman Karen Krumenacher, she’s trying to change that,

Karen Krumenacher, owner of Royal RoostMakenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Karen Krumenacher, owner of Royal Roost

“I would consider myself a chicken enthusiast, a chicken consultant… I help folks out there raise their own backyard chickens.”

And with her company, Royal Roost, Karen is de-bunking the process and showing people how raising backyard chickens can not only be a great resource for eggs and fun for the family, but actually very do-able (and legal!) here in Milwaukee,

Chicken's at the Royal Roost headquarters, Karen's Pewaukee home, go for an afternoon strut through the yard.Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Chicken’s at the Royal Roost headquarters, Karen’s Pewaukee home, go for an afternoon strut through the yard.

“Your eggs are going to be the freshest they can be…. [chickens] are totally simple to maintain, its therapeutic, they’re my compost, they’re pest-control… I really have nothing negative to say about raising backyard chickens.”

I would consider myself a chicken enthusiast [and] a chicken consultant. I help folks raise their own backyard chickens.

But what really goes into being a chicken consultant? Hear what Karen has to say below:

IMG_1936Makenzie Boettcher | 88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Ready to start planning for your own chickens? Check out what Karen has to say about raising chickens within the city of Milwaukee:

To learn more about Royal Roost and for resources on raising backyard chickens, visit the Royal Roost website

For more details on raising chickens in the city of Milwaukee, you can check out the requirements for backyard chickens here