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  1. How can I become a Member of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee today?

You can become a Member of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee by completing our secure online donation page; by calling (414) 892-7928; or mailing a check with your current contact information to 220 E. Pittsburgh Ave., Milwaukee WI 53204; Attn: Development Department.

You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of joining online. A formal acknowledgment letter will be mailed to the address you provided. Please note that it may take extra time for this process during our Membership Drives.

  1. Is there a minimum gift amount to become a Member?

We’re all about inclusion, which means your gift of any amount makes you a Member. However, we do have some pretty great thank you gifts and benefits that come with higher levels of Membership. We believe our Members will give what they can because they believe in the mission of the station.

  1. What is a Sustaining Membership? How do I become a Sustaining Member?

A Sustaining Membership is a convenient and affordable ongoing monthly contribution to Radio Milwaukee. You pledge a monthly amount you would like to contribute, and we securely and automatically charge that amount to your credit or debit card around the 15th of each month. You will receive a letter every year prior to your rollover date, offering you the new thank you gifts and the option to make changes to your giving.

You can become a Sustaining Member easily! Visit radiomilwaukee.org/donate and select one of the monthly Sustaining options. The system will automatically divide your donation into 12 payments. Sustaining Memberships start at $5 a month ($60 a year).

  1. When can I expect to receive my thank you gifts?

If you give during a Membership Drive, please allow eight weeks for all of your gifts to arrive. We work with a dedicated team of volunteers to fill every thank you package as soon as possible. Outside of Membership Drives, we will get your acknowledgment letter and gifts to you within two weeks of contributing.

  1. Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, 88Nine is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your donation is tax-deductible. In some cases, the value of the thank you gifts you receive can affect the tax-deductible amount (please consult your tax advisor). The acknowledgment letter you receive can be used for tax purposes and includes more detail.

  1. When will my Membership be up for renewal?

Thank you for your support! Your Membership is up for renewal 12 months from your initial contribution. We’ll send you a renewal notice annually. If you are a Sustaining (monthly) Member you will receive a letter from us in advance of your anniversary date (please notify us if you move). At that time you will have the opportunity to choose the new thank you gifts and/or make changes to your monthly contribution amount. If you have questions, please call (414) 892-7928 or email membership@radiomilwaukee.org.

  1. I’m a current Sustaining Member. How do I renew my Membership?

Thank you for your support! Your Sustaining Membership will rollover every 12 months, and we want to make sure that you are supporting Radio Milwaukee exactly the way that you want to. Prior to the anniversary of your pledge, you will receive a letter or email notifying you and giving you the opportunity to make any changes to your Sustaining donation. At that time you will also have the opportunity to choose the new thank you gifts.  

If your rollover date occurs during one of our on-air Membership Drive we ask that you do not call in to the Membership Drive – this could risk creating a duplicate account for you. Instead, please follow the directions provided in your renewal letter. Should you have any questions regarding your Sustaining Membership, please contact Membership at (414) 892-7928 or membership@radiomilwaukee.org.

  1. Why did I receive a renewal reminder when I already sent in a contribution?

There are a couple of reasons why this could happen. Usually, it’s because your gift and our renewal process have crossed in transport. If you are concerned please call (414) 892-7928 or email membership@radiomilwaukee.org.

  1. I think my employer offers matching gifts – how do I start the matching gifts process?

Matching gifts are an easy way to maximize your support for 88Nine; thank you for taking the extra step to make your gift go even further! We encourage you to take a copy of your acknowledgment letter to your HR department and request a match for your contribution (our EIN number is 20-1257939). HR will then help you with the next steps. If you’re not sure if your employer offers matching gifts, check out this list.

  1. How can I change or update my credit card information?

Simply call (414) 892-7928 or click here to securely update your credit card information. For your protection, please do not email your credit card number to us.

  1. What happens if I miss a couple months of my monthly giving due to credit card issues?

After you update your credit card information with us, you can either pay the amount you missed during those months or simply pick up where you left off. Our Membership team will work with you individually to make sure you are giving exactly what, and how, you want.

  1. Will Radio Milwaukee give out my address, phone number, or email address?

88Nine Radio Milwaukee is committed to ensuring your happiness and security during the donation process. As a result, we will not give, sell, or trade any of your information with anyone ever!

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