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"The Neighborhood Project": Havenwoods | Stephanie Harling on Kaul

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Listen: In September of 2006, Milwaukee Sentinel Journal reporter Crocker Stephenson spent a week spent a month on a stretch of Kaul Avenue in Havenwoods as a response to a stretch of four homicides in a week. At the time, he found an area in dire need of relief, dominated by landlords with little interest in any kind of community. You can read the Stephenson series here, as well as an excellent follow up by Tom Tolan here. On a sunny day last week, I stood on Kaul Avenue with Stephanie Harling, Executive Director of the Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation, and we spoke about the turnaround the neighborhood's made since the Stephenson stories: [audio=1] Want to learn more about Havenwoods? You can start at the Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation’s wonderful website. Also, you’re probably more familiar with the neighborhood than you realize — take a drive somewhere between 43rd to 76th Street and Silver Spring to Good Hope and look at the neighborhood with new eyes.

Produced by: Adam Carr