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Zipcar expands in Milwaukee

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"People are beginning to realize that a car isn't the be-all end-all," says Dave Steele, Director of School Partnerships for PAVE Milwaukee. "It's like a tool...a hammer or a wrench. It's just one way people get around." Steele is among hundreds of people who live/work/play in Downtown Milwaukee and choose to use public transportation whenever possible. But, what happens when you bike into work and you have 2-3 meetings during one afternoon and a bus or bike won't do?


Zipcar is a for-profit car-sharing program just beginning to expand their Milwaukee business. On college campuses (Marquette and UWM) since 2007, the increase demand for the short-term, affordable car rental program has allowed Zipcar to expand to several areas Downtown and on the East Side near North Avenue.


Zipcar is based on membership which allows access to 400 Zipcar locations throughout North America and overseas. From hybrids to trucks to luxury cars...each vehicle can be rented from an hour to a weekend.


Learn more about Zipcar online at www.zipcar.com.