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Okkervil River On World Cafe| November 14, 2013

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  • Ben Sklar/Courtesy of the artist

Thursday's episode of World Cafe features new music from the Austin band Okkervil River, whose new album (The Silver Gymnasium) pays homage to singer Will Sheff's life as a boy in Meriden, N.H., during the late '80s.

The musicians are familiar with concept albums; 2005's Black Sheep Boy, for example, was inspired by the Tim Hardin song of the same name. The band received huge acclaim upon releasing thematically interwoven records (The Stage Names and The Stand Ins) in 2007 and 2008.

Along with a live three-song set, listeners will also hear Sheff talk extensively about his childhood and the coming-of-age moments that inspired The Silver Gymnasium. (Via World Cafe)


(( )) for interlude music
*Jeff Buckley “Everybody Here Wants You” Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk
*Elvis Costello “Accidents Will Happen” Armed Forces
*Vampire Weekend “Ya Hey” Modern Vampires of the City
*The Head & The Heart “Let’s Be Still” Let’s Be Still
*The Smithereens “Behind The Wall of Sleep” Especially for You
*((Okkervil River “Down Down the Deep River” Recorded Live for the World Cafe))
*Okkervil River “On A Balcony” Recorded Live for the World Cafe
*Okkervil River “Pink-Slips” Recorded Live for the World Cafe
*Okkervil River “Down Down The Deep River” Recorded Live for the World Cafe
*((Okkervil River “Stay Young” Recorded Live for the World Cafe))
*((Passion Pit “Live to Tell the Tale” Chunk of Change))
*The Police “Walking On The Moon” Reggatta De Blanc
*Kelly Stoltz “Kim Chee Taco Man” Double Exposure
*Clare “Games” Broken Promise Land
*Wooden Shjips “These Shadows” Back to Land
*((Jim James “Dear One” Recorded Live for the World Cafe))
*Ruben Rada “Tengo un Candombre para Gardel” Antologia del Candombe
*Airto Moreira “Fingers (El Rada)” Fingers
*((Ruben Rada “Tengo Un Candombe Para Gardel” Antologia del Candombe))
*Modest Mouse “Float On” Good News for People Who Love Bad News
*Phish “Julius” Hoist
*Jonathan Wilson “Love to Love” Fanfare
*Sopwith Camel “Fazon” The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon