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Milwaukee Music’s 20 of 2020

Celebrating 20 albums from Milwaukee's music scene

2020 has been a transformative year. We’ve adapted, we’ve stayed home, we’ve ordered carryout, we’ve made our own fun. We’ve collectively taken steps forward toward a more equitable world… and we’ve also taken steps back. 

And despite infectious diseases both physical and cultural, we’ve continued to create.

New music happened this year, live performances happened this year, music videos happened this year. All through the power of collaboration and understanding that we are stronger together. 

So instead of presenting our annual Radio Milwaukee Music Awards to make these creations compete, we’re working on something new that is just focused on celebration, something that is for the scene and by the scene. This is Milwaukee Music’s 20 of 2020, presented by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.


We need to hear from you. What local album made you smile? Gave you the warm fuzzies? Expressed exactly how you were feeling? What album was essential to your 2020? Let us know by Nov. 27.

Dec. 1-20 we’re going to play these albums on-air for you, Milwaukee. And we’ll talk to the artists that made them, too. About their process, the local albums they loved, creating during Covid-19, all of it. 

We lost together, now let’s win together. Milwaukee Music’s 20 of 2020.

MILWAUKEE ARTISTS: First and foremost --  thank you. Thank you for using your gifts to make this year a little bit brighter. If you'd like to encourage your fans to nominate an album you put out this year,  we put a toolkit together to help you do that.