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Concert Review: Mac Lethal, Grieves, Kid Millions...

Mac Lethal and GrievesLast night, I got a chance to catch Rhymesayer artist Mac Lethal, from Seattle Grieves, and Milwaukee's Kid Millions at Mad Planet. It was a really good show. Kid Millions put on a great show and premiered some new music some of which was produced by Milwaukee'sJ Todd. After hearing some of new material, I am really anxious for Kid Millions next album due out sometime this year.Grieves the MC from Seattle was the unexpected surprise of the evening. I have heard of his name but not his music (I know I have been sleeping). Honestly my first impression of him was not that good. He look like a skinny kid from high school that used a fake id to get into Mad Planet. However, once he took the stage, that first impression dissipated. He had a great stage presence, and lyrics were complex and deep kind of reminding me of Atmosphere' s lyrics. He even produced some of his own music. He is on Mac Lethal's label Black Clover. You should definitely check out his album Irreversible.When Mac Lethal hit the stage, the energy didn't let up. Mac's delivery was good with a little twisted sense of humor. He called out the patrons at the Bar, by saying "We are having a party over here and you can stay the #$@! where you are and drink yourselves to death" or something like that. The highlight of the evening was wehn Grieves join Mac Lethal on stage for "Pound That Beer" the unofficial "Midwest Anthem" or it could even be the unofficial anthem of Milwaukee. It was definitely a crowd pleaser.I have some video footage which I will share with y'all with in a week or two.Mac Lethal -Pound That Beer(clean)

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