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Don't Sleep On: The Virgins

First off, get your minds out of the gutter. The Virgins are a band and not what you were thinking. Jeez. Who are The Virgins? Well a very catchy soulful rock band out of NYC. The band has been compared to the Strokes, Chromeo, The Rapture, with a dash of George Clinton. I have been spinning their song "Rich Girls" out for a while. It is probably one of the most catchiest tunes in long time. People are loving it, and asking where they can get it. I even have played it several times on Rhythm Lab Radio. It is just that good. Their music has even been feature on HBO's Entourage. They have even open for Patti Smith (that was their third show ever). Their album will be out June 3rd, and they will be here in Milwaukee June 13th with She Wants Revenge at Turner Hall Ballroom. So you now don't have an excuse to be sleeping on them (again, get your mind out of the gutter).The Virgins -"Rich Girls"The Virgins - "Tequila Alley"

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