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Don't Sleep On... El Guincho

El Guincho, a.k.a Pablo Daz-Reixa who is the best thing I've heard yet this year. Flat out fresh, this cat is young yet at 25, and shows more than promise on his latest, his first album titled Alegranza! which was released in December and has yet to find distribution in the States. Out of Barcelona Spain, this album is his Catalunian catamaran-- a big boat of an album and a joy to explore its textured landscapes of melted carnival beats and bright beautiful cacaphonies that build into rusty dub joints that crackle, pop and make you trip out on inner excursions to imagine real places.

"I just wanted Alegranza to be a space age-exotica kind of record. Like Martin Denny, Esquivel, Attilo Mineo, Arthur Lyman, Jimmie Haskell and all that. The kind of record you play and it makes you feel like travelling to all these places but never stopping at one and then finding an empty space in the middle for you to get into it." - Pablo Daz-Reixa

Heady stuff, that sounds far freer than any descripto-blurb can describe-- the sound mutates and bends so much into it's blend, from Kenyan Benga to military drum rolling through psychedelic dream fields constantly threatening to be more familiar than it ever is. This makes for great listening, rewardingly different and classically fresh. Check out the video here for the proof, and scoop the download if that's your poison. Peace...El Guincho "Palmitos ParkAnd this video is from a recent live show with another band we've played on the station called Architecture In Helsinki, good stuff maynerd.Why not another? I ain't quite drunk yet.

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