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Freebie: Donnis + Santogold

I got wind of this remix of "Creator" by Santogold by DJ Benzi and up and coming rapper out of my hometown of ATL by the name of Donnis. Definitely keep Donnis on your musical radar. The folks over at Trace Magazine has some insight on this guy.

The 22-year-old Atlanta native's career took off while emceeing in Japan at the age of 19 where he was stationed by the U.S. military. Japan greatly influenced his dancehall sound and the country's stance on the cutting-edge of futuristic music and fashion gave Donnis' presence a style that is tailored but not contrived. After conquering the English-speaking club market in Japan, Donnis returned home to look for new challenges, booking a spot on the AKA Tour -- a hip hop conglomerate featuring the likes of Lil' John and T-Pain. Although conflicts kept the tour short-lived, Donnis' block-rocking aspirations remain undaunted." - Shayla Lawson, Trace Magazine

Donnis - "Creator Remix" (prod. by DJ Benzi)

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