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Don't Sleep on...Chin Chin

Hey y'all, just want to share something from an exciting band I just caught word of-- Chin Chin. And their sound spells distinction, that of being the only non hip hop act on the excellent hip hop label Definitive Jux. This fact is what drew attention from me, like what if Soul Jazz Records released some rare country music? -- I'd scoop it just to see.Apparently out of Brooklyn, their sound makes sense as get down synth-driven disco without the candy pop crackle. A sweaty hallucination of psychedelic proportions, these guys could freak anyone's wedding into a premature honeymoon, plus they sleep fully clothed...It ain't a field trip if you can't have a souvenir...Download: Chin Chin "Toot D'Amore (DJ Eli Remix).mp3

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