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Don't Sleep On: J*Davey

J*Davey is a duo that has been self-proclaimed as the "Black Eurythmics" has been on the scene for a while now. Their music is fresh and definitely a shot in the arm for modern R&B.

J*Davey is the swift kick in the ass I've been praying for Black Music to produce" - ?uestlove (The Roots)

The duo consists of singer/songwriter Jack Davey and producer Brook D'Leau. I have known about this duo for a while now, and had a chance to open for them along with my Rhythm Lab co-host Don Cuco a few years back in Minneapolis. They combined the sounds of jazz, funk, with a dash of 80's R&B with a hip hop swagger. They one of the few artists that definitely stand-out in the cookie-cutter R&B world. J*Davey's sonic genetic make-up could include Prince, Talking Heads, Grace Jones, New Order and The Police.They are about to dropped their independently released double cd "Beauty in Distortion/Land of the Lost" on July 1st. Definitely do not sleep on J*Davey.J*Davey - "Mr. Mister"(right-click and save as)

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