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Funkin' French

One word: Dynamics.Cats run it proper on their latest release, Version Excursion, a compilation of their super-rare covers of artists begging to be covered and features crucial versions of songs by the White Stripes, the Rolling Stones, Curtis Mayfield, Led Zepplin, Gwen McCrae, Cymande, Herbie Hancock, Prince and Pharoah Sanders to start the list. Originally released on some hard-to-find 7" pressings, this comp is a necessary correction capitalizing on the demand for these now-rare 7's. Reggae, now as global as hip hop, is the overarching sound they imbue their covers with, without losing the edge of their inspiration or the identity of the original.The band itself is as diverse as the songs covered in this CD, hailing from the villages of Cameroon, the halls of Harvard, the palaces of Versailles, the Boweries of Bristol and the squares of Provence and Lyon, this French-based band is a new world, and though the songs seem to be at odds stylistically, The Dynamics cook it to the right degree, with honesty and reggae vibes... their vision an excursion from disco, to roots, to rock, soul-- popping the sound, listeners on lock rockin' the track back to hear the hit hit... this is it and a view of them. Don't forget to peep the download.and here's a nice cover of Led Zeppelin...The Dynamics - Whole Lotta Love (version)

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