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Spike Lee's New Joint: Miracle at St. Anna

A few months ago director Spike Lee critisized fellow director Clint Eastwood for his lack of showing protrayal of African Americans in his World War II movies. Clint Eastwood responded by saying to Spike to "Shut His Face". Well Spike decided to put his money where is mouth is by directing a new upcoming film entitled "Miracle at St. Anna". The film tells the story of four African-American Buffalo soldiers in all black 92nd Infantry Division who get trapped in a small Tuscan town in Italy during World War II, and how one of them risks his life to save a young Italian boy. The Movie will be released on Septemeber 26th. There haven't been a war movie that had an African-American character at the center of the story since Glory and "A Soldier's Story". This film looks real good.