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Freebie: Doomtree, "Game Over"

Some of you might heard of the Minneapolis label and hip hop crew Rhymesayers. However, there is another crew that has been creating a noise for the past few years. The crew goes by Doomtree. Rhymesayer artist P.O.S. is one of the founding member of this 11 member crew consisting of MCs, DJs, and producers. Here at RadioMilwaukee, we recently added the song "Sadie Hawkins" by Dessa of Doomtree. Even though the crew is all about hip hop, they definitely has a punk d.i.y. ethos to their sound. They just dropped their official crew record this past week and it is sonically impressive.

The self-titled album, DOOMTREE, is a landmark for the group and a self-proclaimed beast. With 21 tracks, not only does the record build the momentum of the crew, but it also highlights their talents as solo artists. With an already outstanding catalog including fans of punk and indie rock, and rap purists, this release is sure to rally an even bigger audience with the call for independent thought. As Doomtree says, "The anthems are victorious, the storysongs are full of dream and intrigue, and the bangers reset pacemakers."

Download: Doomtree - "Game Over feat. Mictlan, Paper Tiger & Turbo Nemesis"Also check out their video for Drumsticks from the crew record (via Sound Verite)

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee