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Milwaukee's Sona to discuss is film project: "Behold Something Bigger Than Tupac"

Milwaukee's MC Sona will be in our stuidos today, August 20, 2008 at 3pm to discuss the documentary he wrote and produced called "Behold Something Bigger Than Tupac

After the death of one of the greatest rapper ever (Tupac Amuru Shakur) in 1996 rap music, a huge part of Hip-hop died. Generations after the death of Tupac have watch the rap game make a huge drift from representing the struggles and cries of the oppressed from being a representation of reality to becoming a music of greed in which the rap artists only boast about their money, cars, diamonds and cloths, and also music of fantasy in which people talk about the most unreal scenarios in life. The movie "Behold Something Bigger than Tupac" is a tale surrounding the life a man (THE VOICE) from a different continent who sees himself as being greater than the greatest rapper ever (Tupac Amaru Shakur). In elaborating his greatness over the greatest, 'The Voice' with the blessings of GOD almighty and without the fear of death and man speaks about the death of Hip-hop music, naming all the main stream artists responsible for the death of rap music, a part of the Hip-Hop culture closely examining every way inwhich hip-hop is dead. 'The voice' parallels issues of kids starving, across the world, stories of Africans working in the worst of situations mining diamonds for rap artist's who don't address the issue, but continuously brag about the wealth.

Showings this Sun @ Mirimar TheatreSunday August 24th 12:00PM-2:00PMSunday August 24th 2:30PM-4:30PMSunday August 24th 5:00PM-7:00PMSunday August 24th 7:30PM-9:00PM