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Freebie: Jay-Z vs. Oasis...It was bound to happen

(Big ups to The Couch Sessions for this) Remember the quasi-beef between Noel Gallagher and Jay-Z. Noel didn't think that Jay-Z was appopriate to be headlining the Glastonbury festival. Jay-Z decided to prove him and Noel's supporters wrong by not only performing at Glastonbury, but opening with the Oasis hit "Wonderwall". Well three Spainards by the name of Cookin' Soul decided to capitalize on this by created and releasing a free mixtape entitled Ojayzis: Jay-Z vs. Oasis which basically collection of mash-ups of Jay-Z and Oasis tunes. Grab the entire mixtape here.Cookin Soul - "Wonderback" (caution strong language)Jay-Z's opening performance at Glastonbury

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