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Don't Sleep On: Sarah White

I might have a little bias here, but trust me even if I didn't I would still tell you do not sleep on this multi-talented the artist originally from Minneapolis now residing in Brooklyn. A fashionista, photgrapher, writer, mc, singer, Sarah White is a true renaissance woman. She recently dropped this futuristic gem entitled "Hiding Blind". The best way to describe this album is take a tablespoon of Erykah Badu, with a half of teaspoon of Radiohead, with dash of bjork, and some midwest swagger then mix it all together and you still won't get the deliciousness that is the "Hiding Blind" ep. Check her out here and check out her amazing blog with writing partner and artist Lichiban. You can grab the Hiding Blind ep over at iTunes now.Sarah White - "Fade"

HYFIN Program Director | Radio Milwaukee