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Don't Sleep On: Matty G

He's a dubstep producer out of Cali working the angle with a hip hop/reggae style that gives the genre a nice punch in the arm. His love of the Roland 808 to create beautiful dubs is also notable. There is not too much to note about this young artist-- other than him creating an album that's in my list of favorites. He did have a cut called "50,000 Watts" earlier this year that was a crucial banger bridging hip hop and dubstep. However, it is his brand new album Take You Back, that has me buzzin with cat's potential. I'll mark him as an artist to watch for 2009 because this release on Argon Records is fresher than fresh with dynamic instrumentals that move and live , alongside formidable contributions from relatively unknown vocalists like Juakali, Eugene or Fyah Luvah. The effect is raw, and he gets great work from all the collaborators, an album that is 14-for-14, all the cuts are dope! But then you don't me to tell you that, you just need a track...Matty G "Nuff A Diss feat. Fyah Luva""Cold Break III feat. Ugene"

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