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Caldwell helps Common see The Light

Today's seven o clock sample is a DJ favorite. I've heard this mix at least 100 times, and if I was out at the bar, this may come across as a little out dated, but we are not in a club, it's radio in the morning, and that makes this cool again. ( Feeble excuse for justification...)Our track today comes from Common's LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE album...The album's hit single, it's THE LIGHT.(sorry for the lame Joss Stone version... but I couldn't get the other version to embed )This track was flipped by the late great J Dilla. He was diggin in the crates and found a gem by Bobby Caldwell. From the album CAT IN THE HAT... Here is your 7 o clock sample. It's "Open Your Eyes" by Bobby Caldwell!Peas!

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