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Circulate those Dollars in 2009!

Today's Seven O Clock Sample is brought to us by the late great J Dilla. In 2000, Dilla remixed a track for the UK neo-soul / trip hop group SPACEK. After they parted ways, Steve Spacek linked up with Dilla again for the track Dollars.This Dilla production was a flip of Billy Paul's "Let The Dollars Circulate", from his album WHEN LOVE IS NEW.I first heard this beat on a bootleg Dilla beat tape back in 2003 or so, I loved the beat, and I really love the original!... and as a side note...Here is a great example of how a mediocre rapper, can ruin a great sample. I had zero intention of playing this one on air. Listen for yourself and see why.To quote Chris Rock; " I Love Hip Hop, but sometimes I Have a hard time defending it! "

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee