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"Make Milwaukee": Green Gallery East

Listen: Walking south on Farwell from Brady Street, there are a few landmarks that I’ve become familiar with: Mr. Shoe, that tattoo place, Shank Hall, the antique store that never seems to be open. Now, Riverwest’s Green Gallery has a cousin on that drag — Green Gallery East. A couple weeks ago, I stopped by and had a conversation with very hospitable gallery co-owner John Ripenhoff and the artist currently showing in the Green Gallery, Milwaukee-native David Robbins:


That’s just a small sample of all the ground we covered in our conversation. If you’d like to hop into the conversation or check out the show for yourself, it’s worth a trip to the Green Gallery. Really, it’s not like any other gallery I’ve encountered in Milwaukee. Gallery hours can be found on their website

Bonus: You can also get more David Robbins without even leaving the comfort of your home! Part of his Green Gallery show, “Lift,” will be featured on WVTV Channel this Sunday, very early in the morning from 2:30-3:00AM. If you’re an early riser, or more likely out late, check it out!

Produced by: Adam Carr