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President Obama celebrates the legend that is Stevie Wonder

Our nation's President, Barak Obama presented the counties highest musical honor to the legendary song master Stevie Wonder. The Library of Congress' Gershwin Prize is our countries top pop music award. It celebrates the work of an artist whose career reflects lifetime achievement in promoting song as a vehicle of musical expression and cultural understanding.It's so inspiring for me as a musician and as an American, that while in the midst of financial crisis, international turmoil and a handful of headaches in Washington, our president and our nation are taking time to focus on all the good too. Who deserves this award MORE than Stevie Wonder???? Many may be equally as deserving, but I too must quote our nation's president when I say that Stevie Wonder is the "soundtrack of my youth".I was fortunate enough to finally see the great Stevie Wonder when he came to Milwaukee this past summer. A show that made "act-a-fool" with excitement and energy. My friend Aleshea's (then) unborn bay girl was movin' it too! It was like going to church or a dream. The energy was intoxicating. At the show , Wonder spoke a lot about his dream for our country, and how Obama was a big part of that dream. Not only an African-American president, but a culturally aware one too. This award has got me excited about what is to come from the children that are my son's age. What kind of music are they going to bring to our world?Here are some amazing vids of Stevie! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!Wonder's performance will be broadcast Thursday on PBS stations as part of a White House series on the arts.