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"Make Milwaukee": Woodland Pattern

Listen: A little over a month ago, Woodland Pattern hosted their 15th Annual Open Mic Marathon, which I had the good fortune to attend. It was a great scene. The store was packed with folks there to appreciate poetry and support the store — I met a number of poets and poetry appreciators that night. Later in that week, I also sat down with Anne Kingsbury. Here’s the resulting audio piece:


There’s a steady stream of poetry readings, classes, and other programs at Woodland Pattern. Also, their staff is almost unbelievably friendly. You can get in on the action by following their blog or their website.

(Note: The music used to the score the piece is part of an instrumental from Melissa Czarnik’s album  Strawberry Cadillac. Melissa is Woodland Pattern’s marketing director, as well as a talented musician.)

Produced by: Adam Carr