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"Make Milwaukee": Barbara Miner

Listen: After a long and successful career in journalism, Barbara Miner won a Mary L. Nohl Fellowship in 2008… as an emerging artist. Just a few years ago, she shifted her creative focus to photography, but not as a pure fine art. Her approach to art, not quite as an insider but certainly not an outsider either, makes her unique among Make Milwaukee subjects we’ve covered.

Over tea at her beautiful house in Riverwest, we covered a number of topics, a few of which can be heard here:


To see some of Barbara’s photography, check out  her very brand new website (launched on Sunday!). It’s a very elegant and affecting website, definitely worth a visit.

On a personal note: I’m particularly partial to her current project — a study of the images and stories North Avenue. Our station is on the West Side and I live on the East Side, so long stretches of North Ave are part of my daily life. Her project brings my bus ride on the 21 or bike ride to life.

Produced by: Adam Carr