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"Make Milwaukee": Behind and In Front of Art

Listen: About a month ago, on a remarkably warm early-February evening, I biked over to Riverwest and the complex of art studios known as the Nut Factory. They were having their annual open house and the entire building was buzzing with art lovers fortunate enough to get a glimpse of where the art-magic happens.

Rather than circulating through the crowd with a mic and a couple questions like I normally do, I camped out at the studio of artists and friends of the station, Brent Budsberg and Shana McCaw’s. First, I got descriptions of Waiting (see detail above) from Brent and Shana. (I only use Shana’s description in the piece and this was only due to the constraints of editing — they were equally eloquent and descriptive.)  Then, as folks stood in front of the artwork, I asked them for a few impression. Here’s the result:


If all that art-interaction got you thirsty for some art-interacting of your own, check out the upcoming show at Marquette’s Haggerty Museum, which features art exclusively done by Wisconsin artists, including Shana and Brent. The show opens this Thursday (March 12th) and continues through June 14th.

Produced by: Adam Carr