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"Neighborhood Project": Silver City Audio Tour

Listen: On each neighborhood tour, I've been struck by something that I couldn't believe was hiding somewhere in Milwaukee. Occupying the space between the Mitchell Park Domes and Miller Park, Silver City was full of these  surprises. The top two (for me) were  Mekatos, the outrageously tasty Columbian Bakery, and a strip of Vietnamese restaurants on National (I've been complaining for a long time about how there weren't any Vietnamese restaurants in Milwaukee -- turns out my narrow version of the city is to blame). On our tour through this neighborhood rich with history and culture, we start with Charlotte John-Gomez, Executive Director of the Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, and are joined later by historical wizard Mark Dietz, Manager of Public Relations for P&H Mining Equipment:

Like on every tour, we finished with way too much interesting information to fit in a short audio piece, as well as an itch to get back and learn more. A few things you can find in Silver City that we didn't have time to mention -- beautiful old Arts and Crafts houses, beautiful brand new modern houses, the remnants of first malt brewery in the city of Milwaukee, the old site of Wisconsin State Fair (which Abe Lincoln once attended!), and so much more. Come back and listen for what we can discover! Produced by: Adam Carr