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Respect the Architect: Archiculture, A Documentary

In my continuing series"Respect The Architect", I search out interesting things related to Architecture, and design. The most recent thing I discovered hits close to home. As you know, I got my college degree in Architecture from Howard University, and that experience was a life changing experience. No other Major can compare to experience of Architecture School. The thing I recently discovered is a documentary on the experience of Architecture School through the eyes of the students and professors. The film is called Archiculture.

Archiculture is a documentary centering on five diverse students in a single studio at one university throughout the entirety of their thesis project. The film will convey a mere sliver of time, wholly representative of the experience to create a student's paramount work. The footage will illustrate the range of emotions and process of this extremely intense period at the conclusion of an academic career. It is our goal for the documentary to possess educational, entertaining, realistic and inspiring qualities in response to the dynamic world these students face. The profession of architecture deals with the design of spaces for people. Architects study how people interact and respond to space in order to provide a better understanding of the spaces they create.Archiculture documents this study by capturing Architecture students and their interactions with one another within the studio environment...."

Just watching the trailer alone brought back so many memories, good and bad. But you know what, I have no regrets in pursuing Architecture. I truly believe if we applied the education process of Architecture to all of education, business and life we would have a better world. The film is directed by David Krantz and Ian Harris. The film even includes an interview with David Byrne who attended RISD(Rhode Island School of Design). Check out this clip with David Byrne.The film's website keeps a progress of the filmmaking process with blogs, videos, and more. The theatrical trailer will be released this summer. I assume the film will be out before the end of 2009.p.s.: If you know an architect or architecture student give them a big hug or better yet buy them a drink.