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"Neighborhood Project": Week Two, Silver City's Silver Lining

Listen: We spent hours in Silver City, walking up and down National Avenue visiting businesses, chatting with folks at diners and on the basketball court, sitting down at dining room tables, and even knocking on a few doors. We asked, "Why do you live in Silver City?" and "Can you tell me about your neighbors?" To be honest, I had trouble getting my mind wrapped around the neighborhood's personality at first. For whatever reason, a clear snapshot evaded me. However, when I sat down to edit the voices we recorded, the neighborhood revealed itself through the commonalities in those conversations. Fortunately, I don't need to put any conclusions in my own words -- you can take it from the neighbors themselves. Take a listen:

A special thanks goes to Helen Hermus and Betty Grinker, who both spent a good deal of time introducing me to Silver City. We couldn't have put this piece together without their amazing knowledge of the neighborhood. Produced by: Adam Carr