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Site Of The Day: Legistalker, Stalk Your Elected Official

Within only a few months Twitter has grown exponentially and for some has been a source of news and information gathering. You can even follow your congressman or senator on Twitter to see what they're up to. However, what if you want more accountability and transparency of your elected official. Find out their voting record, what bills they are working on and more all in a snapshot. Here is where the site Legistalker comes in. Legistalker was entry into Apps for America Contest which is a Sunlight Labs annual development contest! Prizes go to developers who can use data from Sunlight and our partners that makes Congress more accountable, interactive and transparent.

About Legistalker
Every day, Congress relies more and more on the Internet to communicate with the world. Legistalker makes it easy for you to stay on top of what your elected officials say and how they vote.Legistalker was created byas an entry for thecompetition. The ever-growing database is updated every 20 seconds, and relies on data from Twitter, YouTube, Capitol Words, literally hundreds of different news sources, and others.

The site is basically a mashup of various webtool to compile a "history" or activity feed of your elected official. From tools like youtube to opencongress to twitter and more. You can create a personal watchlist of your elected officials (i.e.: Wisconsin elected official watchlist). They are currently working on phase 2 of the project which will incorporate complete politician voting history, grouping of politicians mentioned in the same news article, and more. Check it out for yourself.