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Jamiroquai's all right!

I love Thursdays.... It means it's time for another 7 o clock sample. Now you may have noticed I did not post a blog this past Tuesday. On air we explored a listener request, which we had explored in an earlier post. Today however, it's a brand new day, and I've got a brand new sample for ya!Jamiroquai is one of the funkiest acid jazz groups of all time. The fact that they are so often labeled as acid jazz, blows my mind (man). I'd describe them more as a neo-diso group or even just straight funk. However you label them, they are awesome. They've been known to use a few samples here and there, and today's sample is one of my favorite tracks in my record collection. Let's begin with the Jamiroquai song...That funk is brought to us by jazz legend Eddie Harris. From his album That Is Why You're Overweight, here is Eddie Harris...

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