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Eric B, Rakim and Baby Huey

This morning's seven o clock sample come to us from one of the most influential Hip Hop albums of all time. 1988's FOLLOW THE LEADER by Eric B and Rakim. The title track from the album features some of the best best production of that era, and some of the best raps EVER recorded. Here is the video from that title track...This song utilizes a number of great samples. The horns come from a funky track by the late Baby Huey. Baby Huey was a large man, with a large voice and a large band. His 1970 debut was released on Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Records. The track "Listen To Me" features those big horns used by Eric B on this cut.The song also features drums from Coke Escavedo's " I Wouldn't Change A Thing "...and some sounds from BOB JAMES " Nautilis" ( One of Hip Hop's favorites. )

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