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Donald The Funkee Homosapien

Today's sample continues our exploration of jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd. The early 70s were a good time for Mr. Byrd. Electric Byrd (1970)Ethiopian Knights (1971)Black Byrd (1972)Street Lady (1973)Stepping into Tomorrow (1974)Places and Spaces (1975)Wow! That's a lotta funky jazz. Some of my favortie Donald Byrd works came out in the early 1970s. Today's sample comes to us from the 1973 release STREET LADY. The title track is 5 minutes of pure funkiness...Check it out!That funk did not go under the radar of rap icon Ice Cube. He dusted off this Blue Note classic for his 18 year old cousin DEL on his debut album I WISH MY BROTHER GEORGE WAS HERE. On the album's A side you'll find this great use of Donald's funk...

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