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A Song for Ellen

I've found a gem today... This week I decided to go over some of my favorite samples from Fat Boy Slim's Better Living Through Chemistry album. This project came out in 1996, but I was a little late to get on it. ( I was listening to a LOT of punk and ska in 1996...) This album, which the label original called a compilation mix, is some of my favorite Fat Boy Slim work. Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim) is the godfather of the BIG BEAT sound that exploded out of the UK in the mid 1990s. The first track from his debut "album" is a great example of the high energy sample based sounds he's so well known for.That infectious guitar groove comes from an unlikely source. Ellen McIlwaine, a singer-songwriter and musician best known for her career as a slide guitarist, released a nice piece of work in 1975 entitled The Real Ellen McIlwaine. This album featured a slick cover of Higher Ground.

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